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As an ISO9002 Certified manufacturer , Big Beard Co. Ltd. has developed a quality controlling and quality tracking system which contains two coding methods.

(1)Product Coding System: It is a customer-oriented coding system which means that the product code you get is only for you and is only for your special products, it contains all product information ( ink formulation, adhesive formulation, width of teartape, etc. ) that is needed for the production and quality control. You can get this product code when you have placed successful orders to our company, and this product code will be kept in our quality controlling system to guarantee the quality consistency of the products.

(2)Batch Number: From the batch number of our products, we can trace back to every details of the production procedure, including raw material batch numbers, production date, the machine used to produce the products, the names of the worker who are responsible for the production and so on. This tracking system greatly helps us to find even rarely occurred small problems in production and to avoid the re-occurrence of the problem.